You may run into some unexpected errors when running chemgymrl environments from time to time.

Here we will discuss some possible error messages here and try to find a solution to them.


Not adding an entrypoint when registering an environment

AttributeError: module 'chemistrylab.extract_bench.extract_bench_v1:WurtzExtract_v1' has no attribute 'WurtzExtract_v1'

When registering any environment it's important to note that the corresponding entry point must also be added. In the picture above the entry point to WurtzReact-v1 was expected to be the class WurtzExtract_v1 in Failure to add the corresponding class will result in this error message.

Not registering an environment

>>> env = gym.make("WurtzReact-v1")
gym.error.UnregisteredEnv: No registered env with id: WurtzReact-v1

When adding a new environment it's required to also add a registration entry in chemistrylab/ Failure to properly register a new environment will result in this error message.